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Why Swimming With Your Child is Crucial to Their Learning

Swim lessons are undeniably important. Enrolling your child in lessons, however, is simply the first step. There are many things parents can do to help their child’s learning, such as preparing the proper swim gear, encouraging them, and mentally preparing them. One of the most helpful things parents can do, however, is swimming alongside their child.

Many swim schools encourage parent participation in swim classes, most especially for children under the age of 3. This is encouraged for a number of reasons:

1. Comfortability

A lot of children can be fearful and uncomfortable in the water because they are in a new, unknown environment. Having someone they’re familiar and comfortable with can make the lessons seem a lot less intimidating. If their mother or father is in the water with them, and exude a comfortable and relaxed state, children are likely to pick up and mimic this attitude as well.

Being relaxed in the water is extremely important for students as they are more receptive to learning when relaxed. Instead of focusing on their fear or the desire to get out of the water, they can focus on what the teacher is saying and accomplish the given tasks.

2. Parents are taught as well

As parents participate and are enrolled in lessons together with their child, they also learn how to better teach their children. They pick up useful teaching styles and drills from the swim teacher and can practice these outside of class. As frequent practice is key for students locking down the right technique, parents can help their child practice without a teacher.

3. Builds better parent-child relationships

As children go through new experiences together with their parent, their relationship grows stronger. Not only are new memories formed, but trust is as well. This is most especially true for students that start out fearful. Tackling a fear with the support and encouragement of their parent does wonders for the way children see their parents and will surely influence how they tackle future problems as well!

4. Parents can see how their child develops

Parents are better able to observe their child’s development when they interact with them in the water. They know exactly how their child acted during the first lesson and can trace their progress throughout the course. Not only can parents see the overall growth, but they also familiarize themselves with their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Parental influence is such a strong tool. Make use of it and enroll in swimming lessons together with your little one!


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