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The Noodies Swim School offers classes for everyone!


Infant Swimming
& Water Safety

0 - 3 years old

Babies can explore just how much fun the water can be through music and movement! Assisted by Mommy or Daddy, babies learn water safety through various play-based activities

Children Swimming

3 - 12 years old

Who said learning can’t be fun? Children are taught proper strokes and techniques through games and activities, aiming to maximize their full potential.


Adult Swimming

13 years old and above

Whether you’re a beginner, looking for exercise, or want take swimming seriously, we’re here for you! Lessons focus on proper form and technique for both leisure, exercise and competitive swimming.

Special Needs Swimming

All ages

Special needs swim classes are geared towards the holistic development of each student! As each person is uniquely colorful, an individualized swimming program is created to suit the specific needs of each student! Programs are created in collaboration with the goals set by the home, school, therapy sessions, etc.


Virtual Classes

All ages

Swim in the comfort of your own home

with your family and friends!

Water Works

Private water workouts for all ages

Want to break a sweat and stay cool at the same time? Try our HydroFit classes to increase your strength and endurance, or our Aqua Dance classes for a fun, new, and groovy workout!


Swim Parties

for groups up to 30 participants

Celebrate your party by splashing with us! Our program includes hosting as well as pool games and activities formed from basic swim techniques and pool safety.

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