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All our teachers have undergone Basic Life Support training, and are going

through rigorous instruction through World Wide Swim School.

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Stephanie Relampagos Gurango, more commonly known as Teacher Steffi, has always had a passion for teaching. She first discovered this when she taught at their church's Sunday School, assisting her father in the classroom. She then started teaching her own class and even helped in homeschooling her youngest sister. In 2003, she started competitive swimming and has since loved the sport. Inspired by the disabilities her siblings had, she then took up Special Education as an undergraduate degree. During her years in college, she would teach learn-to-swim over the summer break under the supervision of her coach. She then assisted the swim team, handling the younger children.


Upon retiring both as a competitive swimmer and national water polo athlete, she started teaching academics in local public schools and started a swim team for one of the schools as well. Soon after, she also taught in an international school as a special needs assistant, also using the water as means to boost confidence and self-awareness. After seeing how the water had a strong positive impact on the social, physical, and even emotional well-being of the children, she decided to leave the academe, and teach swimming full time.

In July 2016, The Noodies Swim School started with only about 10 students. Since then, there have been over a hundred infants, children, and adults who have learned to swim through differentiated methods of learning.


Inspired by the nudibranch, The Noodies Swim School aims to teach differently-abled students how to swim in the way that they would best learn.

We believe that each child is uniquely colorful and that they can make an impact both inside and outside the water!

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