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Why Swimming is a Life Skill

Swimming is commonly seen as a pastime activity, recreational, and professional sport. However, in reality, swimming isn’t just that. It is first, and foremost, an essential life skill that everyone should learn. Here are some reasons why:

1. It is a Life-saving Skill

This is perhaps the most important reason for you and your children to learn how to swim. Even if you don’t plan to swim recreationally, you never know when you might find yourself (or someone else) accidentally falling into water. Knowing the basics of swimming will greatly lessen your chances of drowning, and can even help you save someone else’s life.

This also applies to children as they are at greater risk of drowning, compared to adults. Most people think that only deep pools pose a threat, but some children have drowned in as little as two feet of water. This makes fountains and inflatable pools dangerous as well. While no child is “drown-proof”, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises every child aged 4 and above should learn how to swim. They especially mentioned, however, that children ages 1-4 are much safer from drowning if they have taken up formal swimming lessons.

2. It Helps You Take Care of Your Health

Swimming will always be a great way to exercise. However, it’s especially useful for people who can’t put a lot of pressure on their joints— something usually experienced with other forms of exercise and sports.

So even when you can no longer engage in such activities, water-based activities will remain to be a suitable and safe way for you to exercise and strengthen your body. Today, there are many water exercises to choose from. There’s the usual option of swimming laps, but also water aerobics and hydrotherapy exercises.

3. It Opens You to Other Forms of Recreation

While knowing how to swim can save your life and take care of your body, it can also improve your quality of life by providing you with more hobbies to enjoy or destress with. Such activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and paddleboarding— none of which would be possible if you didn’t know how to swim.

Swimming has always been, and will remain to be, an essential life skill for you and your family. Even if you don’t have frequent access to a pool or beach, don’t neglect to equip everyone with this ability!


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