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WaterWorks: HydroFit

Last Saturday, The Noodies Swim School held it's first HydroFit class. This will be one of two water-based workouts (called WaterWorks) offered by The Noodies, together with Aqua Zumba. HydroFit is a 45-minute circuit workout intended for functional athletics, focusing on strength, cardio and plyometric training, that incorporates movements in the water to lessen impact on your joints, while increasing intensity due to water tension. The workouts were created by The Noodies' very own Teacher Miguel, a Sports Science summa cum laude graduate from the University of the Philippines, and a national ice hockey team player. Whether you're an elite athlete or simply trying to get back in shape, this workout will be fun for you!

The workout started of with a good variation of warm-up and stretches. This was followed by the circuit workout, consisting of three rounds with ten workout stations each. Stations included workouts such as weighted water sprints, water treading, dips, and burpees, targeting major muscle groups. The workout was then closed with a variety of water stretches to cool down the bodies.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more updates for the next HydroFit WaterWork--it just might be in your area! If you are interested in doing an intense and fun WaterWork at your own home, please contact us by sending us an email at or through sending us a message on Facebook.

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