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WaterWorks: Aqua Zumba

Last July, The Noodies Swim School held it's first Aqua Zumba class. This will be one of two water-based workouts (called WaterWorks) offered by The Noodies, together with HydroFit. Aqua Zumba is a water aerobics dance class that integrates Latin dance movements with the added low-impact resistance from the water. For those who love music and dancing, this will be both an enjoyable and challenging workout for you! It's perfect for those with joint problems, too!

The Aqua Zumba class lasts for 45 minutes to one hour. Beginning with some warm-up dance moves, it then intensified with some fun-filled cardio steps. As do all workouts, the class ended with a couple of minutes of cool down stretches.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more updates for the next Aqua Zumba WaterWork--it just might be in your area! If you are interested in doing an intense and fun WaterWork at your own home, please contact us by sending us an email at or messaging us on Facebook.

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