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The Discipline You Get From Swimming Regularly

Having discipline is something everyone desires for themselves, and most especially for their children. However, discipline isn’t the easiest thing to attain. Discipline is a skill that needs time and consistency to develop. One way to develop this skill is through regular swimming.

1. It Teaches Discipline to Reach Goals

Swimming involves a lot of goal setting— from learning a stroke to improving your swim time. None of these goals can be attained however without hard work and commitment, even on days where you don’t feel like doing it. There will be many days where you’d rather enjoy an extra hour in bed or go watch a movie, but over time the ability to say no to these things and discipline your body will be easier over time.

2. It Teaches Discipline in Waiting

Not many people realize that patience is a discipline— a discipline that can be made stronger with time. Many times, swimmers will not be able to achieve their goals as quickly as desire. Even though you may be working tirelessly towards that goal, you may always need more time. It’s a process— albeit a frustrating one— that swimmers learn to be patient with.

3. It Teaches Discipline in Controlling Your Reactions

Swimming, especially when swimming competitively, can have its share of disappointments. Sometimes swimmers can train their hearts out and not get the medal. Sometimes swimmers can be confident about a competition, but get flustered and underperform. As disheartening as it is, a swimmer may react badly at first but slowly learn the proper way to react: overcome the disappointment, humble themself, and keep training.

Continue swimming regularly and encourage your children to do the same! The discipline gained from swimming doesn’t stay in the pool; it spills over into the other parts of your life as well.


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