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The Basic Swimming Outfit and Why It's Important to CHoose the Right One

It’s finally time to start those swimming lessons and your child is beyond excited! However there’s one more thing that has to be done— bring the right gear. Whether it’s an introductory or advanced class, the right attire and equipment can make a big difference in making them comfortable in the water. Here is the basic outfit we suggest for anyone to have for their lessons:

One-Piece Bathing Suit for Girls

Girls are advised to wear a one piece swimsuit with a comfortable, tight fit. This will prevent any swimsuit malfunction to help the swimmer focus on swimming rather than constantly fixing their suit. If more coverage from the sun is desired, just make sure the sleeves and legs are tight-fit as well.

Swim Trunks for Boys

Boys are suggested to wear properly fitted swim trunks. Not only will these prevent swimsuit malfunctions, but they will also make it easier to swim through the water. Other shorts may absorb water, adding extra weight. Not only can this tire you out quicker, but it can also distract you from learning.


Some people believe in learning how to swim without goggles, it is suggested to have proper protection from the chlorine in most pools. As chlorine tends to be drying, it can cause a lot of irritation to your eyes. It will also lessen the need to constantly wipe water out of your eyes, and make it easier to focus on learning the swimming skills you need to learn. However, make sure to find the right size. Wearing the wrong sized goggles could be more distracting than not wearing any at all, as you will need to constantly take out water that may leak in.

Swimming Cap (For Long Hair)

If your child has long hair, make sure they have a well fitted swimming cap. Not only do they lessen distractions (so hair doesn’t cover your eyes), they also prevent accidental hair entrapment by pool vents and jets. They also add a layer of protection from chlorine exposure, which can dry out hair. If your child finds silicone caps to be painful, there are also some cloth swimming caps available. These give your hair less of a pulling sensation.

Now that you have the proper, functional and protective gear, your child is ready to rock those lessons!

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