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Swimming Equipment to Help Improve Your Technique

As swimming involves a lot of different movements working in sync with one another, it’s important that each movement is properly developed. For example, if a swimmer’s kick is much more developed than their arms, they quickly tire their legs and eventually lag behind. This is why many swimmers practice drills that focus on one part of their body. These drills can be executed with the aid of swimming equipment.

1. Kickboard

The kickboard is arguably the most popular swimming equipment, as it may be used by advanced and beginning swimmers. Kickboards help you develop your kicking technique for various swimming styles/strokes, and also help develop and strengthen your lower body muscles for an all around stronger kick. As the kickboard keeps your upper body afloat and relaxed, you can focus on areas that need extra work.

2. Swim Gloves/Hand Paddles

Hand paddles, also known as swim gloves, may look funny when you first see them, but they are great for your upper body. Like disks that you place on your hands, they create a wider surface to pull yourself along the water, increasing the resistance felt with each stroke. This will great help you build upper body strength as it makes you work your arms, shoulders, chest, and back.

3. Swimming Fins

Swim fins are more often used for ocean activities such as snorkeling or scuba diving, but can also be used to train in the pool! As it gives you a more powerful kick, it will still build your lower body muscles and help develop a faster stroke turnover without overworking your arms.

4. Pull Buoy

Pull buoys, are more often used by advance swimmers, but may also be used by beginners. Similarly to kickboards, they help your body stay afloat, but are placed between your thighs or ankles. As your lower body is kept up, you have the opportunity to focus on developing your upper body stroking technique as well as strength. It can also help you swim with the right posture.

If you notice one part of your body to be weaker than another, give some of these equipments a try. We’re sure you’ll feel your muscles working and eventually see improvement with your technique as well!


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