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Swimming Activities to Play with Your Family During the Christmas Break

Family Swimming Activities

With children out of school, parents out of work, and relatives in town, Christmas break gives the greatest opportunity to bond as a family. Bonding doesn’t just create lasting memories for everyone to fondly reminisce about, it also strengthens relationships as a whole.

Finding something for everyone to do can be tricky, but pools have an amazing way of bringing fun for all kinds of age groups. With numerous activities to do in and around the pool, you’re sure to experience a lot of splashing, laughing, and outright fun. The family won’t just enjoy the day, but depending on the activities you do, people may get some exercise in as well! Here are some ideas to help plan your Christmas break activities:

1. Christmas-themed water sensory play

While babies and toddlers can swim with everyone else (given proper supervision), they can also participate in some water sensory play. Sensory play activities can be very entertaining, while giving them a boost in their cognitive development as many of their senses are engaged.

If there’s an area shallow enough for them to play, give them toys and little objects of different colors and textures to play with. You could bring in sponges to show how they absorb water, a floating toy, or a sinking toy amongst other things. If you can’t stay in the pool to supervise them, you could also fill a tupperware with water and allow them to play with it as they are next to you. You could also add christmas colored or shaped ice cubes so they can experience it melt away.

2. Pool Games

Pool games are a sure crowd pleaser for everyone, whether you’re participating or simply watching! There are games suitable for every age, from toddlers to older children to adults. You could play tag games, relays, races, and scavenging games among numerous others!

3. Water Sports

For sport-loving families, there are a number of sports you can play in the pool! If you have the equipment, you could play water polo, water volleyball, or even water basketball. However, if you don’t have equipment for such sports, you could enjoy a family session of aqua-zumba, water aerobics, or swimming relays!

4. Pool and BBQ Party

For families looking to have a more relaxed afternoon by the pool, a family swimming and barbecue party will surely provide for a stress-free family activity! Those who want to swim can splash around in the pool, while others can sit, chat, and enjoy some great food!

Give some of these activities a try during the Christmas holidays, and we hope you enjoy some great family bonding!

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