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Skin and Hair Care Tips to Prevent Chlorine Damage

Have you ever experienced dry hair or itchy skin after a visit to the pool? You’re not alone, as it is likely caused by the chlorine. While we can thank chlorine for keeping our pools sanitary and free from harmful bacteria, it can have some damaging effects on our skin and hair. Read on to learn a few helpful tips to prevent these from happening!

Before you swim

  • Take a cold shower - Not only does this lessen dirt brought into your pool, it also lessens the amount of chlorine absorbed by your hair and skin.

  • Wear a swim cap - This is the most effective way to protect your hair, by shielding it from the water. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of swim cap with varying degrees of protection.

  • Apply hair oil - Applying oil to your hair creates a protective layer between your hair follicles and pool chemicals. Use natural oils such a coconut oil, which can also double as nourishment for your hair. If you’re swimming outdoors, be sure to cover your hair with a swim cap or opt for leave-in conditioner to prevent sun damage.

  • Apply sunblock or skin oil - Similarly with why you would condition your hair, this gives your skin a protective layer from the water. You can choose to use a skin oil if you’re swimming indoors, but make sure to use sunblock if you will be outdoors.

After Swimming

  • Offset the chlorine bond - Not a lot of people are aware that chlorine tends to bond to your skin. This is why you can still smell of chlorine after you’ve showered. Spraying a vitamin C mixture onto your skin and hair before showering can help offset this bond. To make this mixture, simply combine half a teaspoon of powdered vitamin C into 250ml of water.

  • Moisturize after showering - Use your favorite lotion or body butter, and make sure to focus on areas where skin is thin (elbows, cuticles, chest) as these are the most prone to chlorine damage.

  • Don’t skip the conditioner - Make sure your hair gets the boost of moisture it needs to stay healthy after a swim.

  • Skip the hair dryer - The heat from hair dryers tend to damage hair as well, so give your hair a break to limit any damage. Instead, use a wide toothed comb and towel dry.


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