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Say Hello to Teacher Carlo!

Hi! My name is Teacher Carlo. I’m a graduate of Ateneo and La Salle, of which I’ve finished BS-Entrepreneurship. I’ve also been a swimmer since I was 9 years old, competing in the highest level in the country. Swimming was a big part of my life, and still is, but now as a teacher. Through swimming, I fell in love with sports as a whole and this helped me to be more active and try different things. Aside from sports, I also love photography, music, and travelling.

I love to swim because it’s a totally different world. It’s not part of an ordinary person’s life. When I swim, everything else seems to vanish, and it’s just me and the water. I feel like I’m flying when I’m in the water. I started to teach swimming during the earlier part of 2017, because it is a skill that I know to be very useful. I have been blessed to have wonderful coaches throughout the years and now it is my time to pass it on to others.

My favorite part of being a teacher is being able to see my students work hard and reach the point wherein they are able to execute the technique well. Seeing them try hard, have fun, and SMILE is priceless! The biggest challenge, on the other hand, is the individuality of each student. I grew up in a team, and we all grew up together. Here at The Noodies, I’m introduced people of different personalities, strengths, and everything else that makes them truly unique. To me, the challenge (which I warmly welcome) is getting to know each student for who they are.

We aren’t supposed to spoil the students, but to be honest, I really look forward to playing games such as sinkers, and using the noodle. It’s always fun and you can see the the student’s eyes sparkle and their smiles drawn wide. My students have taught me to really love what I am doing. I have always loved it, but seeing them enjoy and have fun has helped me learn to love it even more!

I would describe myself as different, resilient, relaxed. While I teach swimming in the Eastwood and Katipunan area, I also balance different jobs. So on my days off, I work in our family business, among other things. I also compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and train during my spare time. I’m also very active in ministry and serving in our local church.

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