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Say Hello to Teacher April

I am teacher April, I am a fitness instructor and a special education teacher at Wordlab School Inc. I love to explore new things that are beyond my comfort zone, and that's why I opened my own play therapy for kids.

I teach babies and children and am hoping to handle children with special needs in the near future! I love teaching swimming because I have a love for teaching kids, and swimming is something that's fun to learn. My favorite part of teaching is being able to encounter different students and personalities. Their natural charm, even when they don't pay attention, makes me want to hug them all the more!

Since kids are individually unique, it can be a challenge to find an approach that will be most effective for them, especially when some refuse to learn certain skills. However, this is a challenge I welcomely take on. As a teacher, I learned the importance of developing their interest in swimming, so they may be motivated in each session. Building rapport and being creative helped me to address my students' concerns.  Old or new, I always look forward to seeing my students and how they progress each day; the smile on their faces pushes me to be better.

Swimming is a sport dear to my heart, because it's the sport I've excelled in the most. It gave me confidence during one of the toughest seasons in my life, and has proven to be a great stress reliever whenever I'm feeling down. When I'm not swimming or teaching, I enjoy allowing my body to rest and recover. However, some of my favorite things to do is eat and read! I see myself as an adventurous person, responsible enough to do things on my own, and determined to achieve goals one step at a time!

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