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Pool Games for Adults

Pool games aren’t just for kids. There are a lot of fun adult pool games for you to enjoy during your next party or gathering. Here are four games you can try:

1. Marco Polo Freeze

Let’s start with a classic, and Marco Polo is a classic with good reason. It’s a game you don’t need equipment to play, and can be played with any number of people. One player is blindfolded (they can simply keep their eyes closed) as the “It”. To find the other players, he/she is to yell out “Marco” — to which all the other players must respond with “Polo”. If the “It” suspects another player is nearby, he can yell “Marco polo freeze” to make the players stand still for five seconds. When another player is tagged, they become the new “it”.

2. Soaked T-Shirt Relay

Divide the players into two teams and have both teams line up along one side of the pool. Then, place two extra large t-shirts on the other side of the pool. At the go signal, the first representative of each team must race to the other side, put on the t-shirt, and race back to their team. Once they get back, they must remove the shirt for the next player to put on. The new player will then swim to the opposite end, drop off the shirt, and swim back to tag the next player and repeat the process. The first team to have all players complete the relay wins!

3. Pay Day!

This game can either be played individually or in teams. Throw several coins of different values into the pool (but make sure not to drop them near the pool drain). Set a timer for 20 seconds, and have all players jump in and collect as many coins as they can can. When the time is up, have the players count how much money they’ve collected. The player/team with the largest amount wins. This game is suitable for however many players you want to have— just make sure you have enough coins!

4. Pool Tug of War

This is just like the traditional game of tug of war, except instead of the losing team simply crossing over a line, they fall into the pool. Have two teams on opposite ends of the pool holding onto a long, thick rope. At the go signal, each team is to tug on the rope until all players of the opposite team has fallen into the pool. If you don’t have a long enough rope, you could also play inside the pool and simply mark the middle of the pool with a flag.

Give one of these games a try and let us know how it went! You’re never too old to have some fun!

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