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How to Supervise Children in the Pool

It’s well known that when children swim, they should always have adult supervision— no matter how shallow the water. However, have you ever wondered how to properly supervise your children? Drowning is a scary reality, having taken lives of children and adults alike. This just makes it even more important for parents to know how to prevent or handle emergency situations. Here are 3 tips to properly supervise your little one:

1. Have a First Aid Kit

Even though prevention is much preferred, it’s always smart to be prepared for an emergency. Having a simple First Aid kit can be helpful in numerous of situations. The Red Cross has a comprehensive list of what a kit should have, including bandages, antiseptic wipes, aspirins, and others.

On top of a kit, it would be beneficial to have emergency numbers saved on your phone. These would include the number of your paediatrician and local authorities. It’s also highly recommended for parents to learn First Aid procedures such as CPR, water rescue, and choking procedures.

2. Have rules that children (and their friends) should follow

Rules can serve as one of the best accident preventions. Before the kids enter the pool, make sure to explain the pool rules and why they’re important. They should know what they should be doing and how they should be behaving rather than telling them what not to do. While you can make your own set of rules, some important ones to include would be:

  • Be safe around the pool. Walk.

  • Play gently

  • Only swim with an adult around

  • Shower before entering the water

3. Be near your child

"Adult supervision" can be perceived differently by a lot of people. To some, it may mean being in the water with the kids. To others, it may simply means watching them (whether across the yard or through the window). However, guardians supervising should be able to act quickly in the event of an accident. So for older children, an adult with good swimming skills should be near the perimeter of the pool, regardless of the child’s swimming ability. For infants, toddlers, and younger children, adults should always be within an arm’s reach. While one adult supervising is better than none, if a large group of children are swimming in the water, make sure to have more than one adult to watch over them.

Safety is always the top priority in the water! Make sure to keep these tips in mind the next time your little ones go for a swim.


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