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How to Get Your Children Excited to Swim

As much as parents would hope otherwise, some children don't like swimming and have a fear of the water. This can cause some difficulty for parents who want their child to learn the life-saving skill of swimming. Thankfully there are ways to help your child grow from fearing the water to enjoying it! Here are some tips to try:

1. Swim together with them

One of the best ways to battle the fear of water is to make them comfortable. Being in a new environment can seem less intimidating when someone they know and trust is in there with them. Not only can this strengthen their trust, but swimming with them can also enhance their learning. As they start to relax in the water, they can eventually associate swimming with the fun memory of bonding with their parents!

2. Teach them pool games

Another effective way for children to enjoy swimming would be pool games, as it allows them to associate the water with fun. There are loads of games for them to play with family members or friends, catered to suit their swimming ability. Not only will these help them get comfortable in the water, but games can also teach (and strengthen) important swimming skills. Check out some fun pool games here.

3. Explain the importance of swimming to them

The importance of swimming may be obvious to parents, but to children— not so much. Properly explaining the importance of swimming, and the independence and confidence that comes with knowing such an important skill can stimulate their interest for the lessons.

4. Enroll them into lessons with a friend

If your child has a friend that enjoys the water, they can be your secret weapon! Friends (or siblings and cousins, too!) can often motivate each other to face their fears in order to join in on fun— sometimes more effectively than parents can. If you’re interested in enrolling your little one in Buddy Classes or Group Classes with friends, please contact us by sending us an email at or by sending us a message on Facebook.


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