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Boost Your Confidence and Socialization Through Swimming

In the last two years, we have been plagued by a global pandemic that has changed almost every aspect of our lives. Because of the nature of pandemic, naturally our social lives have been pretty much non-existent for far too long. Seeing friends and family after so long has frankly become awkward for many, but thankfully things have been gradually going back to normal.

Human interaction is vital for our mental health and also for overall development and well-being. Now that things are opening up again, people are easing into outdoor activities and social gatherings once again. As awkward as it is for adults, it is a bigger adjustment for our children. As adults we can understand why social gatherings get awkward for many reasons, but to our children, it can be an even more overwhelming experience.

Outdoor activities can be very helpful to break the ice and ease into social gatherings again, without being confined in tight spaces indoors. Engaging in group sports like basketball and volleyball could be fun but also might not be for everyone due to the physical and competitive nature of these sports. An often overlooked option we find is swimming.

There are many socializing benefits that come with swimming in a group. Based on studies, it is scientifically proven that just being in the water relaxes people and enhances mental alertness. This alone makes swimming a more condusive avenue for learning and socialization. Simply being in the water can definitely get rid of social and physical tension and anxiety because most of the body is underwater anyway.

Swimming is not just a sport, but an important life skill. It qualifies as a life skill because in emergency situations involving water, learning how to swim can save one's life. That being said, it builds confidence in the person learning how to acquire this skill, and with that confidence, it is easier to put one's self out there like to socialize at the beach with family or making new friends.

Unlike adults taking swim lessons, children may benefit more from starting early because it can develop and kickstart their overall social skills early on. As with any new sport or skill to learn, we gain confidence by getting better at our chosen skill and learning that although we fail, we will eventually get better as we practice more and more. Whether it's a class with Mom and Dad, or some friends from the village, swimming together can build strong relationships and life-long friendships.


Swimming lessons in a group setting provides a better atmosphere not only for learning, but also character and relationship building. It can expose children to the concept of having peers and working with a group towards the same goal. This alone provides so many opportunities to build empathy, patience, courage, and communication.

All sports require hard work and perseverance, but it definitely helps when you know that the group is going through the same thing as you. Group swim classes provide opportunities to participate and compete with others in the group. It can serve as motivation to each other to pull each other up and adjust to one another. Being in a group swim class will definitely enhance the dynamics of the class since each individual student has different skill levels. Group drills and swim exercises can boost confidence to participate through seeing by example from classmates and support from them as well. Their personal improvements and support from peers will not only give them confidence in the pool, but more importantly, overall self-confidence to face the world.

Group activities can teach children the importance of following rules and working together for the benefit of the team. Only in a group setting will they be able to see the consequences when they don't follow rules, such as hurting their peers or even themselves. This builds empathy towards others and discipline, aside from learning the actual skill of learning how to swim. All of these contribute to increased sociability and camaraderie that they can bring with them wherever they are.

At The Noodies Swim School, we offer different swim lesson packages to suit your needs. We teach children as young as six months and even offer specific programs for children with special needs. We also have Buddy and Group classes for parents, adults, siblings, and friends who want to learn to swim together. Also, in case you didn't know, The Noodies Swim School also hosts swim parties! Our swim parties are great for a more fun and exciting way to celebrate any time of the year. Click HERE to know more about our swim party packages.

For other inquiries and questions, please feel free to send us a message here on our website or through our other communication channels. We are looking forward to celebrating and splashing with you soon!

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