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It's Never Too Late: Why Now is the Best Time to Take Adult Swimming Lessons

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Swimming is no longer just a childhood pastime. Contrary to the idea that we must learn all our skills while young, adults are actually in a good position to begin swimming lessons at a later age. Not only is swimming convenient for busy schedules, it is also a highly-beneficial and preferable type of exercise to address the increasing health issues of an ageing body.

For decades, research has proven the benefits of learning how to swim. Even at a recreational pace, swimming engages all muscle groups simultaneously, providing a full-body workout in as little as 30 minutes. Remember that bigger muscles help burn more fat, so swimming is a great option for weight loss, too! You don’t have to sweat in a hot gym to burn fat! Unlike running, which repeatedly puts heavy stress on the knees, swimming puts significantly less strain on the body because the water carries much of the weight. Because of this, swimming is the most highly-recommended low-impact option for regular exercise or for staying fit despite a chronic condition. Hydrotherapy is also used to ease the recovery from a recent injury.

The benefits of swimming carry on outside the pool. In addition to strengthening our bodies, swimming improves the heart’s capacity to pump more blood around the body. This prevents heart failure at a later age and helps those with existing conditions strengthen their heart without over-straining it. Swimming also significantly improves your lungs’ oxygen intake by as much as 10 percent, increasing stamina to go about your daily activities. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, an aerobic activity like swimming is ideal for your treatment plan as it helps burn calories and keep the blood sugars under control.

If it’s finding a pool you’re worried about, swimming pools are actually now more accessible than ever before. Whether it’s a full lap pool or a recreational facility, most condominiums that were built in the last 10 years offer at least one type of pool among their building amenities. Those of us who live in a condo simply have to take one elevator ride to their nearest swimming pool! Most village clubhouses also have a nearby swimming pool for resident use. Commercial districts in the center of the Metro have public swimming pools available for a minimal fee. This nearby access helps us save time and gas or travel money, and provides an extra workout while walking to and from the pool.

In addition to close its proximity, swimming is now a more convenient exercise option for adults. Time-consuming responsibilities can pack our day and make the week unpredictable. Gyms only operate within certain opening hours and studios that hold group classes only offer them at fixed schedules. These may not coincide with your free time and trying to squeeze them into your routine may actually contribute more stress than relaxation. (On top of that, these facilities charge you monthly membership fees or high “walk-in” rates as well!) The swimming pool at your condo or subdivision clubhouse is free to access at your convenience, and usage fees are typically already included in your monthly dues! This way, you can take up swimming in your own time with no additional “membership” fees.

Of course, like all types of exercise, swimming requires proper gear and some initial training to start. Even if you do not intend to swim at a competitive level (although that can always be the goal!) learning the proper technique from the very beginning is the safest way to proceed. It is not wise to “self teach” an essential life skill such as swimming. Remember that knowing how to swim is key to surviving unexpected encounters with deep or forceful waters. Do not make the mistake of relying on “how to” videos on the internet, as these are merely one-way tutorials which cannot assess your form or give any feedback! When trying any new physical activity, the guidance of a trained professional is the key to being able to exercise independently and properly in the future.

Adults are in the best position to avail of swimming lessons, as an income guarantees you can afford yourself qualified coaches and quality gear. One-on-one sessions are ideal for those who would like to learn proper technique, as immediate guidance prevents you from turning into habit any incorrect movements or poor form. If you are the type of person who believes “the more the merrier,” taking private group classes is always a fun option, specially if all of the participants are adult first-timers. During the course, your coach will be able to help you instil good technique which will eventually develop into muscle memory. With consistent practice, you can be a strong, independent swimmer in no time!

Once you locate a nearby swimming pool, signing up for lessons is as easy as clicking our Classes tab and selecting the course that fits your needs. Contact us to schedule your first lesson now!


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