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Best Friends: Natalie and Hailey

There are some great benefits from learning to swim with friends. Other than the fact that it’s a lot of fun, it also gives children the opportunity to develop and practice their social skills, such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and communication. Friendly competition can also push them to work harder. Two of our Noodies, Natalie and Hailey, experienced the fun of taking lessons together.

Natalie and Hailey are not only best friends, but cousins as well. While they were enrolled together because of the convenience of being the same age, they were both also new to swimming. They are also neighbors and play together a lot. With an already tight bond, they took on the challenge of learning to swim together, hand in hand.

They had a great experience together! Their favorite part of swimming was being able to have play dates with each other throughout the week. Though their hyper activeness and love to communicate with one another could be distracting, they are now a lot more confident in the water compared to before. Some of their greatest memories from the classes were their friendly relay competitions, wherein all the cousins would compete against each other!

It's so important to allow kids to enjoy their swimming experiences! Having a friend, cousin, or even sibling can make such a huge difference in their learning.

The Noodies Swim School offers buddy and group classes for those who want to learn with friends. If you are interested in enrolling in such a class, please contact us by sending us an email at or by sending us a message on Facebook.

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