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5 Do’s and Don’ts to Help Your Child Learn to Swim

Many parents understand the necessity of learning how to swim and how it can save their child’s life. As such, parents are eager to do whatever they need to in order to help their child succeed. When enrolling your child for swimming lessons, here are five tips to better help your little one and possibly speed up their learning process.

1. Do: Take Classes Regularly

Frequency is an important key in learning a new skill. Have your child regularly attend classes several times a week. This will aid in their learning, as they develop muscle memory and get important feedback from their teacher.

2. Do: Practice Whenever You Can

As the saying goes: practice makes perfect! While no one is absolutely swim-proof, studies have shown that it can take 100-150 hours of consistent practice for children to learn how to swim on their own, despite the depth. So when they have the opportunity outside of class time, encourage them to practice!

3. Do: Set Specific Goals

Having a general goal of “learning to swim” can be a broad goal and may take a while for children to reach. Try setting specific goals along the journey to help motivate your child. As they reach more goals, their confidence and motivation to keep going will grow. Such goals could be learning to float, touching the pool floor, swimming in the deep end.

4. Don’t: Give Up

Sometimes, children may appear to regress and take longer to learn in comparison to other students. This should not be a cause for concern. Parents should remain positive and continue to encourage and motivate their little swimmer. If they want to give up, remind them all the goals they were able to achieve and what an important skill it is as well!

5. Don’t: Isolate Swimming in the Summer

Most parents think of swimming as a summer activity, however students can develop skills and learn better when practicing year round. This will also help them sustain what they’ve learned rather forget certain techniques.

While your children are learning, make sure to take these tips into consideration to help them succeed!


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