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Private Swimming
for Everyone


Learn to swim in a #uniquelycolorful way!

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Nudibranchs are soft-bodied sea creatures known for their intricate patterns and spectacular colors that often only reach two centimeters in length and come in 3,000 different species.

We believe that each student is just as uniquely colorful and can make an impact both inside and outside the water!


The Noodies Swim School aims to teach differently-abled students the basics of swimming through colorful play and meaningful activities.

We offer private swim classes, workouts, 

and can even splash with you at your next swim party.

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The Noodies Swim School values the uniqueness of each individual. Lessons are catered and centered on the students, all with the goal of teaching them to swim safely, independently and correctly. 


For infants, toddlers, and younger students, we use play-based methods, allowing the children to enjoy and be safe while learning to be in the water. These are done through music and movement as well as games both with and without their parents or guardians. 

For older children and adults, we aim to incorporate more formal methods of learning as the students begin to work on their competitive strokes, making sure that stroke technique and form is given top priority. 

For those with special needs, our lessons are geared toward the holistic development of the students, aligned with the goals of the family, school, doctors and/or therapists. 


We believe that though the goal of learning to swim is consistent throughout any age group, there is no one learning style and method of teaching, and learning swimming should always be fun.

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